Exec Assistant Skills Test

Welcome to your Skills Test - EA 0519
This short assessment will show us how ready you are to handle the skills we'll need from our Executive Assistant. Thank you.

1)Your First and Last Name?

2)Type/Copy/Paste The Correct Answer Below

You are setting up a meeting with a lead and the following facts are true:
1) The lead is from: LinkedIn
2) The timezone is: MDT/MST (Mountain Time/Denver)
3) First meeting time: Wed. Jun 26 @ 9:30AM
4) Second meeting:  Tu. July 2 @ 1PM
5) Lead name: Jan Ozynfink

- Use the doc here for info: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14rtW3i4ZmElUdr0RjL47rnc-hNjryM4bvxVPFhLTaAo/edit?usp=sharing
- See videos for info as well: https://loom.com/share/folder/aaac424cc1cc44479630c6d7a78a08b4
- Create links with calendly
- Use correct locations for the dates above (see doc)
- Include corrected subject line at the top

3)The lead responds: "Thanks for the message but I'm booked until mid-August. Take care.

Choose the best response.

4)How much would you like to be paid per month for work like this($USD)?

This position is an independent contractor (1099) position. This means your time for completing tasks is flexible and  you will receive your full regular payment without taxes removed. To start, this position will require 1 - 4 hours per week.

Thanks for taking the time to answer these question.
Expect to hear from us shortly via email!